Interview Worksheet


Thanks for your interest in being a guest on my new travel podcast, Where Else to Go, the podcast designed for travelers who know where to go, but want to know where else to go. The target audience is the well-traveled and frequent traveler whose travel ethos is value luxury – that is, someone looking for the WOW in every experience, no matter the price point.

The format of the show is conversational rather than an interview. Think of it as sitting around over a glass of wine or cup of coffee and talking about vacation tips. We want to help people decide where to go on their next vacation – whether that’s across town or around the world.

If you’re interested, please answer the questions below, including URLs when appropriate. Answer as much or as little as you wish, and don’t stress over the answers or how complete they are; this is merely to help me do research in advance of our conversation and will give me the necessary details for show notes. You can copy paste these questions into a word document or into an email, then email to

Also, if you have one available, please include a photo or two (a photo of your “where else” destination is best) to accompany the show notes.




Current location:

What time zone are you in?








Short bio (please keep it under 100 words)

How often do you travel?

What excites you about travel?

What is your greatest frustration about travel?

Where are you going next?

Where “else” do you want travelers to go and why? This is your chance to promote the destination we will be talking about, and why you are recommending travelers visit it. Please include any links that you’d like me to share with the audience.