Where Else to Go is a weekly podcast aired every Monday. You can find the podcast here on this website, subscribe and listen to us on Apple Podcast, and also find us on our hosting account on Libsyn.

On the podcast, we talk about where to go. . . and where else to go, whether that’s a destination you’ve never thought of, a new way to see a favorite place, or a particular experience that helps you get even more out of your visit to a destination.

The focus is on value luxury experiences. What’s value luxury? It’s about knowing when, where, and on what to splurge, and when it’s better to save your time and money for an alternate experience. It’s helping you identify the type of things that go into making your vacation enjoyable – a great hotel, a splendid glass of wine, a view that takes your breath away, or digging into some local food. Since value luxury should mean different things to different people, and will also vary based on location, I’ll try to find diversity in the destinations and experiences that we talk about.

If you have a destination you’d like to talk about, are interested in sponsoring the Where Else to Go podcast, or have questions or suggestions about what we do, please email me

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